Donny Goines – Success Served Cold

Sometime in the near future Donny Goines will release Success Served Cold, his fourth, full length studio album. Releasing albums, independently, is no easy task, but Donny Goines is determined, dedicated, focused and consistent, but then again so am I. I’ve interviewed Donny Goines three times in the last three years, and I’ve done so, not because it was in the in thing to do, but because I wanted to support his efforts to bring quality music to the masses, in whatever way I could.

History, like the stuttering King of England Colin Firth brought to life on the big screen, is destined to repeat itself as I once again give Donny Goines the opportunity to share information about his fourth coming project, the aforementioned Success Served Cold, with the hip hop community. If you’re a fan who wants to know more about Donny’s next release, by all means, continued reading.

Us: Your new album is called Success Served Cold, and I guess what I want to know is why, what made you choose that three word phrase as your album’s title?
D. Goines: The album’s title is a combination of two popular expressions, “Revenge is a dish best served cold” and “Success is the best revenge”. I chose the title I did because those two sayings explain exactly how I feel. I move very methodically, and I am really focused on becoming one of the greatest to ever do it, period. The premise of the title and vibe really simply is stating a simple sentiment. My greatest revenge will be my success and non-believers are going to have to eat that.

Us: Does Success Served Cold have a release date?
D. Goines: Success Served Cold will be released on the 11th of November.

Us: Which producers are you working with on this album?
D. Goines: The album’s executive producers are Maki and Ariel Borujow of Stadium Red. I also have the usual suspects, Dub Z, DJ Static and Apple Juice Kid, handling some of the production duties. In addition to those producers I also have some new, and notable, collaborators contributing tracks. I have records with 9th Wonder, Canei and Dante Ross. Expect to hear some amazing music, that’s all I will say.

Us: Stadium Red is a Grammy award winning recording studio located in Harlem, a section of Manhattan Donny Goines also calls home. How much of this album was recorded at that studio?
D. Goines: the whole album was recorded at Stadium Red. I don’t record anywhere else.

Us: Stadium Red is the studio Just Blaze now calls home, and Donny Goines, by his own admission, only records at Stadium Red. Will we see a Just Blaze produced track from Donny Goines anytime soon?
D. Goines: When I see him tweet the word Ichiban I’ll know its on. In all seriousness, shout out to Just Blaze and my entire Stadium Red family. Just Blaze is a beast, and I’m a huge fan of his work, and I’d jump at the chance to collaborate with him. He’s a real cool, and humble, person and I have the up most respect for him.

Us: Lets talk about the album’s lead single, Ichiban. Can you tell our readers, who might not speak Japanese, what Ichiban means?
D. Goines: Ichiban means “Number One” or “The Best” in Japanese, and it embodies the spirit of the album and explains what my goals are. Expect to hear me say Ichiban all the time.

Us: Do you plan on shooting any videos for any of the songs on the album, and if so which ones?
D. Goines: I’m releasing a lot of music videos, and special, viral videos, to coincide with this project. I have something very special planned for you guys, so stay tuned.

Us: How does this project differ from your other three, full length releases, Minute After Midnight, The Breakfast Club and 20X?
D. Goines: This album is really my most expansive to date. From production to lyrics to mixing and mastering this project towers over my previous works, and is in a league of it’s own. I don’t mean to imply that my previous work was bad, or sub par, but I even surprised myself with this one. Success Served Cold will be an album that puts Donny Goines in the history books.

Us: I want to know something about Success Served Cold that nobody else knows. I want you to tell me, my readers and your fans, something about the album you haven’t told anyone else.
D. Goines: Its the best album ever made. I’m kidding. Here is something no one else knows, the album was recorded twice. I wanted to make sure everything was pushed to the max, and from a performance and technical standpoint, I achieved that. This album is a monster.

Us: What’s next for Donny Goines?
D. Goines: World Peace.

Us: Did you say World Peace? How is Donny Goines going to bring peace to the world?
D. Goines: Have you ever heard John Lennon’s record Imagine? That’s how I’m going to change the world.